[tex4ht] "page is empty" messages. But nothing seems wrong in the HTML

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu Apr 5 11:17:52 CEST 2018

On 4/5/2018 3:59 AM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
>> It took me about one week to compile 205 latex files. Some are
>> few thousands of pages with lots of math. I have 16 GB RAM PC,
>> intel i7-3930k CPU running windows 7. Using cygwin to build now.
>> Lualatex finishes very fast. may be Few minutes. But tex4ht is
>> the one that takes sooo long.

> Do you run the build in parallel? TeX and tex4ht can run only on
> single processor core, so this should speed up the compilation
> significantly.
> Michal

Well, I use recusive makefiles. But I do run 8 or so
makefiles on 8 smaller source tree branches within the large
source tree at same time. I start each make from separate window.

Each makefile builds part of the tree.

I can see all the cores busy when I do this on windows.

Here is screen shot of my task manager busy on another thing,
but it is same when I run make4ht:


Still, even with this, tex4ht takes too long. the DVI
or the IDV file processing seems to be the bottleneck here.

One day, I will switch to using png for math images, and
see how long that will take. I assume using png images
for math will be much faster but I have not tried it.


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