[tex4ht] what would cause " Can't close file `index.tmp' (file is not open)" --- error --- Illegal storage address

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Fri May 25 12:46:51 CEST 2018

On 5/25/2018 2:23 AM, Michal Hoftich wrote:

> I was working on pdfpages support last year, but didn't come with full
> working solution.  I think the issue was how to efficiently support
> conversion from PDF to bitmaps or SVG. Meanwhile, I've added the
> support for PDF images, so it should be possible to finish the
> support. I need to investigate this.
> Best regards,
> Michal

It will be great if tex4ht could read pdf files directly like
lualatex or pdflatex and convert each page on the fly to a
web page image.

Currently I do this to include some PDF file which can be few pages,
into the final latex document


So the HTML generated has a link instead of the actuall
pdf pages as images. This is not too bad a solution for now.

Before, I used to extract all the pdf pages from the file,
convert each page to .svg file and then include these images
using \includegraphics but this is too much work, so now I
use a link.


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