[tex4ht] Automatic HTF file generation

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 13:25:24 CET 2018

Hi Deimi,

> It's awesome.

Thanks :)

> Encoding vector is always embedded in Type1 font. If encoding vector is
> not specified in map file, you can get it from pfb/pfa file.
You are right, I did't know about that. It should fix most of the
problems. It shouldn't be hard to write parser for the /Encoding

> I'm not sure about this. Probably it is the way to go (if it makes maintenance easier).
> We are talking here about hundreds of smaller literate sources and thousands of htf files, right?
> IMHO literate sources are good for manual editing and documentation.
> Auto-generated literate sources would not be meant for manual editing, would it be?

We can of course generate the htf fonts directly, the literate sources
are just easier to maintain and to keep in SVN. They are not meant for
editing, althouth some mechanism for hand crafted HTF should be

> Did you consider generating htf files directly?
> How do you test these htf fonts?

Just some test documents, we should create a proper testing framework
for fonts (and other files of course too, but this is another

> I'm sorry, I have too many lame questions...

These were good questions :)

Best regards,

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