[tex4ht] \def does not seem to work in mathjax mode.

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Mon Dec 10 01:28:40 CET 2018

The following MWE does not compile OK in mathjax mode.
It works in lualatex and in default mode and in SVG mode.


\dot{\theta}(t)  &  = \st

Compiled using

make4ht foo.tex "htm,mathjax"

It gives


The problem is in the use of \def\st{\sin\theta(t)}

The latex code might not be the best, but it works
in the other systems.

Workaround for mathjax is easy, change it to

\dot{\theta}(t)  &  = \sin\theta(t)

is \def not supposed to work in mathjax mode?


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