[tex4ht] imakeidx index question

"Jürgen Hubert" jhubert at gmx.de
Tue Jan 21 21:22:51 CET 2020

Hello Michal,

> > it doesn't create any "topic.ind" file even though all index entries are for the "Topic" index. Instead, it builds a "place.ind" file for which the entries are simply wrong.
> I forgot to mention that you need to disable the indexing4ht package,
> as it overwrites the index handling. You probably don't need to use
> the myconfig.cfg at all. Unless you have other configurations here.

So... compiling with the following?

tex4ebook -lm index -e mybuild.mk4 Test.tex


Unfortunately, the result seems to be the same. Unless I need to disable indexing4ht somewhere else, other than by not using myconfig.cfg.

Best regards,

- Jürgen

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