[tex4ht] imakeidx index question

"Jürgen Hubert" jhubert at gmx.de
Thu Jan 23 06:25:25 CET 2020

Hello Michal,

> I can see the issue now. This was caused by a bug in make4ht indexing
> support. It used one .ind file to generate all indices. It should be
> fixed in the development version of make4ht now.

I've been using the 0.3c version (dated Nov 27) since January 17th. Presumably I need to write some of the file from this repository over that version?


Alternatively, if this fix becomes available via the usual package repositories accessible by MiKTex within the next month or two I can wait for a while - this is something I should fix before the ebook is published, but it's not urgent yet.   ;)

Best regards,

- Jürgen

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