[tex4ht] about configuring where to load mathjax from when using tex4ht in mathjax mode.

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Tue Mar 3 21:16:48 CET 2020

Currently, when compiling with tex4ht and using mathjax mode,
make4ht automatically adds the following code to header of
each HTML page to load mathjax from the cloud.

<script type="text/javascript"

I found that the above can be really slow sometimes, (if mathjax server
is slow) as my pages load slow compared to when loading mathjax from
a local folder on my server as follows (I had to download mathjax zip file
manually first to do this ofcourse).

<script type="text/javascript"

I added the above line to my .cfg and now when compiling, I see the above
line in the header of the HTML page. But I have to manually edit each
HTML page and delete the line that make4ht adds also which loads
mathjax from the cloud because I only need to load mathjax from one place.

What would be the best way to prevent make4ht from adding the line that
loads mathjax from the cloud?

I can't remember where this is hard-coded. I know it is in some system
file in tex4ht.

I think it will be best if there is an automatic way to override default
setting of where mathjax is loaded from to avoid having to edit
system files that belong to tex4ht. Or not add this line at all,
and let the user add the line to load mathjax in their .cfg? Because
if new version of mathjax is released, user can update to it
immediately by editing their .cfg file.

btw, there is now mathjax V 3.0, but I am still using mathjax V 2.7
as some configs have changed and do not want to change yet, afraid it will
break something. But from what I read, v 3.0 is supposed to be faster
than V 2.7, so one day will try to switch.



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