[tex4ht] why arxiv.org choose LaTeXML and not tex4ht for making HTML pages?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Feb 27 06:00:14 CET 2022

arXiv.org is now starting to display papers in its archive in HTML.

This is new feature just announced not long ago


"Converted from TeX with LaTeXML."

The have an example there also of a paper converted to HTML.
I do not see anything in there that tex4ht can't do.

Any thoughts if someone knows more about this, why they choose
LaTeXML over tex4ht for making the HTML? The math in those pages
seems to be rendered also by mathjax, which tex4ht supports.

Are their technical reasons for this choice? What can LaTeXML do
which tex4ht can not?

I tried LaTeXML once, about 2 years ago, and thought tex4ht was
better at the time. But I am sure it has improved since then.

Just wondering, that is all. Not trying to start a tex->html conversion
software war :)


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