[tex4ht] [bug #602] LaTeX mark Error: Infinite shrinkage found in 'page'. when using tex4ht only

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                 Summary: LaTeX mark Error: Infinite shrinkage found in
'page'. when using tex4ht only
                 Project: tex4ht
            Submitted by: nma123
            Submitted on: Thu Jun  1 18:41:30 2023
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I have table generated by a program which is a little large. But no problem
compiling it with lualatex. When using tex4ht using same commands I always
use, now it gives this error which I never saw before

Command used is 

make4ht -ulm default -a debug -c ./nma_mathjax.cfg main.tex

Output is 

(/usr/local/texlive/2022/texmf-dist/tex/latex/base/ts1cmr.fd))19    nil
 [1] [2]
(/usr/local/texlive/2022/texmf-dist/tex/latex/lm/t1lmtt.fd)Unsupported font

Overfull \vbox (32240.63214pt too high) detected at line 1125

Overfull \vbox (32240.63214pt too high) has occurred while \output is active

! LaTeX mark Error: Infinite shrinkage found in 'page'.

For immediate help type H <return>.
l.1125 \end{table}
? H

This is a coding error.

The mark region 'page' contains some infinite negative glue allowing it to
shrink to an arbitrary size. This makes it impossible to split the region
apart to get at its marks. They are lost.


Since the .tex file is large and my nma_mathjax.cfg is large and needed, I put
these two files in the folder at the link at the bottom. I also put the .pdf
compiled by lualatex with no problem.

The files are self contained and have minimal packages needed to reproduce the

Simply download the .tex and .cfg files to one folder and issue the above
command to see the problem.

I am using TL 2022 on Linux

>which make4ht
This is the .tex file preview

\usepackage{caption} %added 2/18/16  for making caption in figure same size as
\usepackage{multirow} %added 2/21/16. To allow table with columns that span
\usepackage{longtable} %2/24/16  does not work in two columns

%added OCT 28, 2018
\usepackage{cprotect} %only needed to latex
\usepackage{pifont} %http : // ctan.org/pkg/pifont
\newcommand{\cmark}{\textcolor{blue}{\Large \ding{51}}}
\newcommand{\xmark}{\textcolor{red}{\Large \ding{55}}}
\newcommand{\notsure}{\ding{103}} %

%this adds support to fixed width tables.
Number of problems in this table is 1066

Column notations: A is ODE degree. B is Program Number of solutions generated.
C is CAS Number of solutions generated.
...... very long table here
x^{2}+2 x y+y^{2}+\left(x^{2}+2 x y\right) y^{\prime} = 0
class A], \_exact, \_rational, [\_Abel, 2nd type, class
B]]&\textcolor{blue}{\Large \cmark}&\textcolor{blue}{\Large \cmark}&91.892\\


Any idea what is the cause of this problem and how to workaround it will be
appreciated as it stopping my build now. I did not do any changes to tex4ht or
to my setup for the last few months and this is first time I see this error.
May be because the table size got larger? But this should not cause a



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