1. \ConfigureList{list-name} {before-list} {after-list} {before-label} {after-label}

Environments that directly or indirectly are built on top of the ‘\begin{list}...\end{list}’ and ‘\begin{trivlist}...\end{trivlist}’ environments, inherit the appearances of these base environments. The \ConfigureList command may be used to change the default configuration.

 \ConfigureList {description}
                 {\HCode{<hr />}}
         {\HCode{<hr /><strong>}}
The ‘description’, ‘itemize’, and ‘enumerate’ environments are the more obvious extensions of the ‘list’ and ‘trivlist’ environments.

The ‘verse’, ‘quotation’, ‘quote’, ‘center’, ‘flushleft’, and ‘flushright’ are examples of non obvious extensions. The latter extensions are made up in LaTeX from a single-item lists, to get the appearance of displayed paragraphs.

2. \ConfigureEnv{environment-name} {before-environment} {after-environment} {before-list} {after-list}

If either before-environment or after-environment is not empty, then these parameters specify insertions that should be placed before and after the specified environment.

 \ConfigureEnv {tabular}
     {\HCode{<hr />}} {\HCode{<hr />}}
     {} {}
If the parameter before-list or the parameter after-list is not empty, a call is made to \ConfigureList {list-name} {before-list} {before-label} {} {} for configuring the base-list of the environment.

 \ConfigureEnv {flushright}
     {\HCode{<div class="flushright">}}
     {\HCode{<h2>}} {\HCode{</h2>}}

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