1. \Picture[replacement-for-textual-browser]{file-name attributes}

This command references the specified pictorial file. The component ‘[replacement-for-textual-browsers]’ is optional.

**OSU logo**
\Picture[**OSU logo**]{http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/images/OSU.gif}

2. \Picture+[replacement-for-text-browsers]{file-name attributes}content\EndPicture

This command produces a picture for the provided content, stores the outcome within a file of the specified name, and creates a reference to the picture within the document.

Text within a picture.

 \Picture+{ align="right"}%
    Text within a picture.
The component ‘[replacement-for-textual-browser]’ and the file name can be omitted. If no name is provided for the file, the system assigns a name of its own.

3. \Picture*[replacement-for-text-browsers]{file-name attributes}content\EndPicture

This is a variant of the previous command, that produces a picture of the content within a vertical box.

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