TUG 2003: The 25th Anniversary of TeX
Going Live with Preprints Online

Dear Authors,

If you follow the guidelines and advice given in this report:
Preparation of documents for multiple modes of delivery -- Notes from TUG '99
by Ross Moore, TUGboat December 1999, Volume 20, No. 4, page 389,
we may be able to combine the papers, using active hyperlinks, to present them as a unifying electronic document. The papers can also be linked to the schedule to allow them to be presented "Live" each day.

Please take special note of the paragraphs titled: "Advice to Authors"

  • Please use LATEX.

  • or ...at least use LaTeX-like markup syntax in the body of the document.

  • Check all Encapsulated PostScript graphics for correct %%BoundingBox information. Load the graphicx package and become acquainted with the possibilities available with the optional argument to \includegraphics.

    usually suffices to include the correct version of the graphic,

    Also look at the \DeclareGraphicsRule command, if .jpg or other graphic formats are to be used.

These guidelines also apply in preparing your article for TUGboat publication.

Thank you.