TUG 2003: The 25th Anniversary of TeX
Author Permission Form

Submission of a paper to be presented at a TUG conference implies permission to publish on paper as a preprint in the TUG Conference Program and in final form (with revisions, if necessary) as an article in the TUG Conference Proceedings issue of TUGboat for the same year.

The TUG Conference Committee would like to post your preprint on the TUG Conference web site on the day that your paper is presented.

The TUGboat editorial board would also like to post the contents of the TUGboat Proceedings to the TUGboat Web pages, and hold open the possibility of creating a TUGboat CD.

We are therefore requesting that explicit permission accompany articles submitted for the TUG Conference.

NOTE:    Authors of TUG Conference Preprints and TUGboat articles retain copyright to their own work, and it is their right to post any such article to the Web as they see fit, e.g., to their own Web site, or on CTAN.

Method of Submitting Permission

This email confirmation will serve as a binding agreement between the author,
the TeX Users Group, the TUG Conference Committee and the TUGboat editors.

(If you wish to give blanket permission for all your TUGboat articles, past, present and future, just put `any' in the title field.)

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I hereby authorize agents of the TeX Users Group to convert this article into a PDF document and make it available on TUG's WWW pages.
I also give permission for inclusion of this article on a TUGboat CD-ROM.

I am unable to give permission for the article to be converted to PDF and posted to TUG's WWW pages for the following reasons: