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About gwTeX

From 2000 on Gerben Wierda has provided a TeX re-Distribution for Mac OS X (with e-mail support), which helped TeX users on the Mac make the transition from OS 9 to Mac OS X seamlessly. Initially the distribution was based on teTeX and required compilation from source, soon it became based on a mixture of TeX Live, teTeX, and Gerben's own additions and it became installable for non-technical users. In 2007 the distribution became almost entirely based on TeX Live. To be able to support the distribution (and redistribution of a collection of other supporting programs like Ghostscript, ImageMagick, FontForge, etc.) Gerben wrote and maintained a net-aware and interactive Installer program called i-Installer.

"I Quit"
Gerben Wierda &
at TUG 2006, Marrakesh
Gerben stopped e-mail support and continuous development on his software distributions and installer program on January 1, 2007. He continues to maintain the current TeX distribution and support programs for his personal use and contributes a little bit to TeX Live and still makes the results available to the TeX community.

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