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Joint LaTeX3 Project / TUG Technical Working Group
on Extended Math Font Encodings

The Math Font Group (MFG) is a joint venture of the LaTeX3 Project and the TeX Users Group Technical Working Group on Extended Math Font Encoding.

The MFG intends to set a number of new standards for TeX math fonts and to deliver a number of tools to support the new standards.

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Group Members:
Barbara Beeton, AMS (WG Chair)
Thierry Bouche
David Carlisle, LaTeX3 Project
Matthias Clasen
Michael Downes, AMS
Robin Fairbairns
Berthold Horn, Y&Y Inc.
Alan Jeffrey, LaTeX3 Project
Jörg Knappen
Johannes Kuester
Frank Mittelbach, LaTeX3 Project
Chris Rowley, LaTeX3 Project
Ulrik Vieth
Justin Ziegler
et al.

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