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Re: MathTime version of new encodings

Concernant « MathTime version of new encodings », Ulrik Vieth écrit :
« While Matthias has taken care of the Lucida math layout (I hope),
« I have recently been working on the MathTime math layout of the
« new encodings.  Here's a quick summary of the status:

« What's missing or faked?
«  MSP: symbols from MTSY and MTMI, Script from ZapfChancery,
«        several symbols unavailable or faked (rather badly)

really, you can't do the script in ZapfChancery, a Commercial Script
is required here.

 «   MC:  missing:
« 	- lgroup/rgroup and lmoustache/rmoustache (I'm unconvinced
« 	  if it was a good idea to include slots for them anyhow)

same as you

« 	- inverted Omega, reflected epsilon, reflected ampersand,
«  	  reflected prime, digamma (all unfakable)

you mean without PS programming? the inverted/reflected stuff is
easily done in PS!

« 	 - upright partial  (fill the slot with italic partial?)

could unslant it in PS

« 	- leq/geqslant, precedes/followsorcurly (I've seen journals
« 	  using the AMS leq/geqslant combined with MathTime)

at least in France, we do use these, yes, i'd take them from MathPi.

hope this h
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