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Re: Font tables

> Some time ago I tried to improve the situation by
> making the boxes of different size, but maybe we should
> design two clearly different glyphs for the purpose. 

> Matthias

As for the white slots, we could safely asume that space glyphs will
only appear in slot 32.  Everything else is either left unassigned 
or missing, in which case it should be filled with a marker.

As for the black boxes, the smaller control glyph marker (3.33pt)
should only appear in slot 127 (skewchar in all encodings) or 128
(Greek switching in MC only).  The missing glyph marker (6.66pt)
should be a little bigger than a black square character, but it
is probably difficult to see the difference.

One alternative might be to use a smaller marker for missing glyphs 
as well and use a diferent color for them.  From the Mma fonts,
I've seen that it is possible to put a ps: special into the VPL
files to switch to a gray color like this.

      (SPECIAL ps:gsave 0.5 setgray)
      (SETRULE R 5.0 R 5.0)
      (SPECIAL ps:grestore)
      (SPECIAL Warning: missing glyph `whatever')

Would this be better?

Cheers, Ulrik.