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Re: Comments on 0.56

Concernant « Comments on 0.56 », Ulrik Vieth écrit :
« 1. The new markers:
« Although, the new markes are potentially nice idea if you insist on
« coveying the meaning unambiguosly, I personally find them a little
« too distracting to work with, especially if there are several rows of
« missing glyph markers, e.g. if the lowercase upright Greek is missing.
« An additional problem is that you add a dependency of scalable fonts
« on a size-dependant MF font which provides the markers, while the
« black boxes were generated by glyph rules at the DVI level.

in my opinion, everything that should not be printed _must_ be as
visible as possible. The dependency is highly virtual, i mean it only
affects font tables, because you will never print these glyphs anyway.

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