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Re: radical thoughts

> You can find a first sketch for such an implementation
> of \sqrt in the document below. It works, as far as I could
> see from some tests. Of course it needs some extension
> (integration with NFSS, the optional argument, etc). 
> But before I continue to investigate this I'd like to 
> hear your opinion on this. Is it a viable alternative to
> our current proposal ?

Sounds interesting, but I'll have to think about it more carefully
before I can comment on the implementation.

Generally, I would welcome it, if we could get rid of the script- 
and scriptscriptsize radicals in MXP.  However, if that means 
loading MXP in three sizes by default I'm a little worried about the
side-effects it might have on the choice of big delimiters and big
operators.  I suppose I'll have to reread Appendix G once again.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  If possible I'd like to reshuffle MXP and MX1 once again to get
a nicer appearance of the font tables before submitting the final
papers for the EuroTeX proceedings, i.e. before the end of next week.
I'd also like to fix a few remaining problems such as the upright
Greek in the MC layout until then.