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Re: newmath.dtx patches


At 12:19 PM 98/01/21 +0100, Ulrik Vieth wrote:

>> Could you provide the necessary \delimiterfactor values for that ?  
>> We might even need more than one value for Lucida, depending on the
>> smallscale/noscale/scale option, but I haven't done any experiments
>> yet.

I tuned the adjustment in Lucida with the `Lucida scaling' (since that is
what the plain TeX, LaTeX 2.09 and original LaTeX 2e support used).
It takes account of the different delimiter size steps in Lucida
compared to CM and the fact that in Lucida the delimiter axis is not
the same as the math axis.  In experimenting I became convinced
that this is always a compromise, it is heuristic. You cannot guarantee 
that there are not going to be awkward looking combinations at certain 
sizes. The best you can do is avoid such problems with the most 
commonly used examples.

That tuning would not apply directly to the other scaling options,
which doesn't bother me since I don't think they are `right' :-)

I forget what the story was on MathTime, I think Spivak just based
the size steps of delimiters on CM so there was less need for 
adjustment (at least until we dropped the default 10/7/5pt sizing).

Regards, Berthold.