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Re: Lucida layout

At 11:54 AM 98/01/21 +0100, Ulrik Vieth wrote:

>While trying to tie up the loose ends, I've had another close look 
>at the Lucida version, as distributed in"le_056.tgz" last week.

>I've noticed that the Lucida Expert version comes with three variants
>of the MC encoding:

>  xla(b)	- default italic alphabet from lbmi
>  xlao(b)	- alternative italic alphabet from lbmo
>  xlar(b)	- math roman alphabet from lbmr (expert set) 

>Last week Matthias complained that it was missing the upright
>lc. Greek and that the upright Greek capitals had to be taken from 
>the extension font (lbme), which isn't available in a bold version.

The upright uppercase Greek should only be taken from lbme
if you do not have the Lucida Bright Expert set.  Otherwise
it should come from lbmr for that very reason.  Then you get the
bold from the corresponding lbmd. (There are other reasons
not to use the upright Greek from LBME, including the fact that
their hinting in LBME is slightly compromised by being in the company
of all those huge delimiters).

>Of course, this approach will only work in the "lucidexp" layout,
>while the restricted "lucida" version will have to do without 
>lmbr and lmbd, as already implemented by Matthias.


>Another related issue:  What to do about the missing lowercase
>Script alphabet in MSP?  One option would be to substitute them
>from Lucida Calligraphy (lbc).  On first sight, the upppercase
>Script alphabets from lbms and lbc seem to be the same except 
>for "I" and "J", so the corresponding lowercase alphabet from
>lbc should be a reasonable choice to go with lbms.  However,
>I'm not sure about the suitability of the corresponding digits.

Wow!  Script is not Calligraphic!  (An amusing feature of CTAN
is that under /fonts/calligra it has a Script face).  Does anyone
ever use lowercase Script (or even lower case Calligraphic)?

In the TeX world e are used to (i) misusing Calligraphic where 
Script should be used and (ii) confusing Script and Calligraphic 
because CM has no Script face..

Regards, Berthold.

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