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Re: radical thoughts

At 01:07 PM 1/23/98 +0100, Frank Mittelbach wrote:

>one was (if i remember correctly) that we wanted to free mist fonts
>from TeX math font specialities (ie characters below the baseline in
>that case), the argument being that unless this happens nobody can
>ever sensibly use such fonts with other software. correct?

>so in that case one question to ask is, does this really matter?

>i remember i think Berthold stating that in fact this isn't a
>practical problem but maybe i remember that incorrectly.

Not exactly sure what you are referring to, but the radical
below the baseline in the math symbol font ~is~ a problem
for non-TeX use of that font,
which is why I try and have a copy of that glyph
in another math font preferrably one that is already 
unsuable with non-TeX applications, like math extension.
However, that then leads to problems if that font is
not available in different sizes...

As a kludgy `solution' we supply two sets of metrics for
such math symbol fonts, one that lies about the descender
(for non-TeX) use, and one with the real metrics (for TeX).
But its a pain to deal with this nonsense.  I also like putting
a radical in a less `radical' position for non-TeX use...

Regards, Berthold.

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