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Re: radical thoughts

Ulrik wrote:
> > So this is perhaps the best we can achieve...
> > Would it be possible to have radical in a non-TeX position and
> > specify the information needed to shift it to a TeX position in 
> > an additional fontdimension so that the virtual font for TeX could
> > be generated automatically ? 
> Can't you determine this automatically by taking the difference
> of the actual height and the required height in the TeX position,
> i.e. the default rule_thickness?   I believe the mtx files in 
> mathptm (CTAN:fonts/tools/mathptm) already have some (obsolete)
> code like this to deal with the radical sign from Adobe symbol, 
> which isn't acutally used since radicals and delimiters are taken
> from CM to ensure consistency with big and extensible sizes.

Yes, this works as long as the stem of the radical is reaching up
to the full height of the glyph (we are currently having problems
wrt this in the mathematica and mathplus layouts). 


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