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Re: \bigplus ?

j"org knappen asks
    Is there still too much space in the layout for big symbols left?

is there, by chance, a postscript file of the mx1 chart, that i
could just print out?  in fact, all the charts ...  and a list
with the \csnames ...

i'm working on a symbol identification project right now, and it
would be useful to compare what i've got with the complement that
you've put together.  i know that the fonts were posted earlier,
but i haven't got time to install them, because i'm on a very
tight deadline.  and i want to make sure i don't miss anything.
(i will gladly feed back what i've got that isn't in the m*

i've used justin ziegler's paper already for reference, but a lot
has happened since then.

i will be attending eurotex, and bringing the results of my project
with me, although not presenting a paper.  i'm hoping there will be
at least a bof on math fonts, and maybe a more serious working party.
i will have some interesting news to share that i can't divulge yet.
						-- bb