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Re: comments on 0.58

Concernant « Re: comments on 0.58 », Matthias Clasen écrit :
« > General:
« > 
« > - The raised radical in MC seems to be raised a little too
« >   much compared with the delimiters. If its height is 10pt,
« >   should it be 8.5pt above the baselien and 1.5pt below?
« >   (The placement seems to be better in the bold version.)
« Well, I didn't think about that very long, I just raised them
« to the baseline (ie depth = 0), since I didn't know any better.
« The question here is, I think, if non-TeX software might have
« any special expectations about the positioning of the radical
« glyph.

it should at least hang a bit under the baseline (like a V, say, but
maybe more).

as long as it is in metafont format, i don't think this is really a
matter: the matter here is rather to print a politically correct
table, no?
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