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Re: Inverted (=reflected) N

Someone asked about canonical names for rotated and reflected glyphs.

Here is the best I could find out. It is from Pullum and Ladusaw about the 
naming of ipa characters/glyphs. It is already adopted in the TeX world 
(wsuipa, tipa) and also in international standards (ISO10646/UNicode).

turned: rotated 180 degrees
inverted: reflected through a horizontal midline switching top and bottom
reversed: reflected through a vertical midline switching left and right

If two operation are necessary, the sequence is like:

reversed turned .... 

So the N is either inverted or reversed, but the \Qinv is better called 
\Qturned. Unfortunately, the name \Finv (instead of \Fturned) seems already 
to be too established to be changed again.

And of couse, \forall and \exists are imo much better names than
\Ainv (or \Ainverted) and \Erev (or \Ereversed).

--J"org Knappen