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Re: Thoughts

Matthias Clasen:

> I think we would have to add at least two of them: one in MC, where
> the "raised" radical lives, and one in MXP, where the "low" big radicals
> live. And we would have to investigate if one extender is enough for all
> big radicals.

I believe one extender might be enough for the lowered big radicals,
since their height above the baseline should be the same.  However,
you might need four different extenders if you had raised big radicals,
in which case the extenders would have be raised to a different height.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  I'm reluctant to do anything about it right now, but we might
raise this question for discussion when we go public.  Frankly, 
I don't believe that our current effort will be the last word when
we invite comments from the outside world.