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Re: Thoughts

Concernant « Re: Thoughts », Michael John Downes écrit :
« I'm not exactly an expert in PS rendering, could someone explain how a
« hinted bar is going to be rendered better than a lineto at low
« resolutions? I don't see how there could be a significant difference

i'm not either. Maybe you could achieve something coherent thoughout
the font if you use charachters from the same font, hinted so that
they'll be modified in the same way at a given resolution?

« unless the PDF viewer is really brain-dead about rendering horizontal
« and vertical lines. 

One bad example may be found as

page 18/24 formulas on the right column.

> Doesn't it boil down in practice to choosing between
« one-pixel thickness or two-pixel thickness, and shifting 0.5 pixel (or
« less) in a vertical or horizontal direction to put the line on a pixel
« boundary? Are you saying that Acrobat Reader *doesn't* do a good job of
« this for plain old horizontal and vertical lines, but somehow can do
« better with bar glyphs from a font?

of course a PS rectangle yields a rectangle on screen, but it may be
badly suited to the actual geometry of the rectangle that is needed

« By the way, I seem to vaguely recall that the main reason given by Knuth
« for the strange height/depth of cmex radicals was that it ensured that
« the base of the horizontal bar coincides with a pixel boundary in the
« radical glyph.

in DVI units?