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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

At 09:38 AM 98/03/10 GMT, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>for what its worth, I have never come across any request for
>the RSFS, BBOLD, WASY2 or StMaryRd fonts in the last 3 1/2 years
>working for Elsevier. we probably cover a fair cross-section of the
>scientific publishing community. 

Thanks for the real data!  Sigh.  Maybe it will change slightly if the
fonts are actually available in Type 1 format.  I hope.

>shall i start a new campaign, "PK Fonts Are Dead"? will you be
>honorary President, Berthold?

Great.  `Bitmap free TeX' was our slogan when we started in 1990 :-)
It's amazing how slow things move at some level.

Regards, Berthold.