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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

> At 09:38 AM 98/03/10 GMT, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> for what its worth, I have never come across any request for
>> the RSFS, BBOLD, WASY2 or StMaryRd fonts in the last 3 1/2 years
>> working for Elsevier. we probably cover a fair cross-section of the
>> scientific publishing community. 

I suppose it may depend on which fonts Elsevier is actually using
in their books and journals.  If they are using MathTime and the
corresponding Script font, there is certainly no need to use RSFS
for Script.  If they are using CM, things might be different.

It might also depend on whether authors of scientific papers really
have a say in which fonts the publisher chooses, and whether they
are actually offered a choice between Script and Calligraphic.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  BTW, how did it happen that the discussion which originated 
on math-font-discuss has suddenly moved to tex-fonts?