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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

>>> i don't know, actually. I dont *think* any of our typesetters use CM
>>> or MathTime, except maybe those few that use TeX.

>> In that case I really wonder what else there is left you are you
>> using?  I mean the whole work of the Math Font Group (*) was based 
>> on the assumption that the choice of math fonts sets usable with 
>> TeX was limitied to a handful of families such as CM, Concrete, 
>> Euler, Adobe Symbol, MathTime, Lucida New Math, and Mathematica.

> I think you are assuming that people use TeX.  Many of the big publishers
> do not.  You can tell if you look at electronic journals. Many of them
> use Adobe Universal Greek + Pi and fonts like that.

As for physics journals, I don't know exactly what Elsevier or AIP 
are using, but I do know that IOP uses MathTime.  Unfortunately, 
they apparently tried to save money on buying just MathTime without
MathTime Plus, so they resort to mixing Times/MathTime with CM bold
math italics, CM calligraphic, and a few CM-style AMS symbols.
Not exactly an example of high typographical standards, but apparently
good enough to get away with for mass-producing two dozen or so 
print journals and the corresponding electronic journal articles.

Cheers, Ulrik.