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Re: rsfs slant problems

Chris Rowley wrote:
> Not immediately: maybe "friends" can be:-)?

I don't think that the `skewchar trickery' should be extended
too far, since it eats up valuable slots in the fonts and is basically 
just a hack to circumvent limitations of the tfm format (ie the inability
to associate more shape information to the glyphs, like eg accent skew,
underaccent skew, right (and possibly left) sub- and superscript 

There is only one thing for which we experiment with extended skewchar
trickery: underaccent skew. It seems natural to use the `free side'
of the skewchar to encode this information in kerning pairs.

If more shape information has to be associated with glyphs, we
should think about a redesign of the tfm format. It would be good if
this could be coordinated with omegas ofm extensions.

Regards, Matthias

Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
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