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Re: rsfs slant problems

> Seems perfectly good subject matter for e-TeX and a sound
> epsilonic approach.  Similarly, a single new skew

I have in fact created a small change file to move the whole under 
accent and nested accent mess from the macro level in some new 
primitives which use the extended skewchar approach. Thus it might 
show up in a future version of e-TeX.
> The notion that the e-TeX fish can metamorphose into the 
> NTS fowl (bird of Paradise) seems strange indeed to me.

Yes, but the fish is swimming while I don't see the bird fly
any time soon.
>  > I don't think that the `skewchar trickery' should 
>  > be extended too far, since it eats up valuable slots
> In view of some of the rubbish going into the new math
> encodings, there should be place for a few skew characters ---
> the more so as they can moonlight as accents, a la Knuth.

That might have been ok for cmr, but for generally useable 
encodings, this would restrict kerning in an artificial way.
Therefore we have decided to leave the skewchar slot unassigned.
> I have never understood why TUG fonts are, like CM, on
> principle, cram-full, thereby preventing upward compatible
> evolution.

What are TUG fonts ?

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