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Re: v. 0.58 / eurotex

> > Ulrik, 
> > would it be OK if I print your Summary of eurotex in the forthcoming 
> > issue of the maps? (as for S4: I thought these already were the 
> > summary&conclusions?)
> If the statements regarding your work are OK for publication, I might
> go ahead and patch up the report for circulation on this mailing list.
> After that anybody may reprint it in TUGboat/MAPS/CahiersGUT/whatever, 
> but first let's make sure that there are no problems with the contents. 
> There's a difference between an informal verbal announcement and a
> statmentment made in a widely-circlulated print journals.

Just two minor points from me: 
"Kluwer Publishers" should be "Kluwer Academic Publishers", and you can 
scratch the "presumably" in the sentence about the plain TeX interface.

But Barbara had some more fundamental remarks, I gather.