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Re: comments on 0.59

> What was the problem?  Should I prepare a new patch or should
> I supply a new version of files?

A patch should be fine. 
> > It is obvious that you know more about the parametrisation of cm 
> > than me.
> Well, not that much actually.  Just the explanation of the parameters
> from the introduction to Volume E.  AFAIK, crisp is the diameter of
> serif corners.  With crisp=0 (in cmr) you get sharp corners, while
> positive crisp (in cmmi) produces slghtly softer, rounded corners.

That is the difference: I have never seen volume E.

> > Thanks. I you could afford the time to create a patch containing stuff
> > which I missed/misapplied would be helpful. I'm obviously not very good
> > at this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
> I wonder if there is a problem with sending patches directly by mail.
> I've seen some patches which got messed up, for some reason, but you
> should have gotten a clear warning or error mesage in such cases.

No. There were no problems with the patches per se. If I remember correctly,
your MX1 patches didn't apply, because I had done changes to the same files.

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