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on mathfont-0.59

Hi all,

this weekend I've spent some time, actually quite a lot of time, on
hacking Matthias' latest distribution to get it back into sync with 
my version and also to fix various remaining problems that were left
unresolved back in January after the previous release.

Since I've hacked so many things, I've prepared a .tar.gz of my 
whole source rather than preparing a patch.  You can find it at


Maybe Matthias could use that as a basis for new official release.

Notable changes:

  -  fixed .fd files to use xcb and xcf versions of MXP/MX1

  -  try to improve consistency within the font set using 
     CM-style symbols for binary operators and delimiters while 
     Euler is used for letters, Humanist symbols and punctuation

  -  use rsfs instead of ZapfChancery as script alphabet in MSP
  -  use stmary to supplement cmex in MXP layout
  -  augmented/improved faked symbols in MSP and MXP

  -  use the same family code for both sets (xmt instead of xmp)
  -  augmented/improved faked symbols in MSP and MXP

  -  change family name code (xl -> xlc) for consistency
  -  add driver files for Y&Y names (LY1) and K.Berry names (8y, 8r)
  -  revise etx/mtx files for ly1, ly1cal, ly1frak, etc.
     instead of having separate files for lbr, lbc, lbd

That should cover the most important changes.  Unfortunately, 
I didn't have enough time to have a look at de-virtualization.

Cheers, Ulrik.