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Re: Announce -- updated Type 1 versions of fonts

Taco Hoekwater writes:

> I just uploaded 4 zipfiles to dante.de:
> 	wasy2.zip
> 	rsfs.zip
> 	stmaryrd.zip
> 	logo.zip

> The zips contain updates of the converted Type 1 (PostScript) outlines 
> of the respective fonts (version 1.001, various bugfixes)

> Included are: rsfs{5,7,10} 
>               wasy{5,7,10,b10} 
>               stmary{5,7,10}
>               logo{8,9,10,bf10,sl10}  /* with P and S */

Hi Taco,

thank you very much for your work, especially for the new logo fonts.
Speaking as the maintainer of the "mflogo" LaTeX package, I welcome
the addition of freely-available logo fonts in Type 1 format, but 
I'm a little worried about the fact that the logo font set still
remains a little incomplete, lacking the logo{sl8,sl9,d10} shapes.

Two questions:

a) what to do about logo{sl8,sl9}?

   Since these are slanted versions, i.e. transformations of the 
   upright version logo{8,9}, I suppose it should be possible to 
   get away by faking them with "0.25 SlantFont" in psfonts.map 
   and pdftex.map, so there's no real problem about their absence.
   Of course, it would be nice to have them as real fonts, but
   we can work around this with a suitable map file (see below).

b) what to do about logod10?

   Since this is a demibold version, which is not only narrower, 
   but also lighter than logobf10, it is not possible to fake it.
   The best we probably could do is to approximate the metrics 
   by a condensed version of logobf10 with "0.913 ExtendFont" 
   (ratio of 21/23 determined from the METAFONT sources), but 
   this is only a quick and dirty hack as a stop-gap solution.

   Would it be too much to ask you about adding logod10 as well, 
   or should I consider adding a pdftex option to mflogo.sty, 
   so as to use a different version of ulogo.fd in that case?
   Given the simplicity of the design of the MF logo, I suppose
   the conversion shouldn't be too difficult, or am I mistaken?

Cheers, Ulrik.

Suggested psfonts.map / pdftex.map file entries follow:

logo8           LOGO8           <logo8.pfb
logo9           LOGO9           <logo9.pfb
logo10          LOGO10          <logo10.pfb
logosl8         LOGO8           ".25 SlantFont"	<logo8.pfb
logosl9         LOGO9           ".25 SlantFont"	<logo9.pfb
logosl10        LOGO10          ".25 SlantFont"	<logo10.pfb
logobf10        LOGOBF10        <logobf10.pfb

## HACK: weight unchanged, but width adjusted:
logod10        	LOGOBF10        ".913 ExtendFont" <logobf10.pfb