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Re: STIX site

Dear Everyone,

My message yesterday may have been a little premature.  Not the giving out of the codes but the part about the new files at the top of the welcoming page.  That page didn't get updated last night so it won't do you as much good as it should to check the STIX site directly.

The mechanisms in place to get new material to the public place on the AMS server are not as simple as, say, a mirror.  Sorry, but that's the way it is.  So the new files ought to be there after about 04:00 EST tomorrow morning, or, failing that, after the regularly scheduled update similarly timed on Monday morning.

I append right now a cut-down form of the top HTML file which should appear so you have some of the descriptions.  Actually it should probably work as an index page to what you want.


<BASE HREF="http://www.ams.org/STIX/">
<LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:ion@math.ams.org">


<H2>STIX Project Home Page</H2>
<H5>Updated: 24 April 1998 </h5>
The pages accessible from here are for the use of the <A
HREF="members.html">Team members</A> of the
<A HREF="project.html">STIX Project</A> led by
<A HREF="mailto:n.poppelier@elsevier.nl">Nico Poppelier</A> of Elsevier
Science Inc., whom one should contact for information concerning the
project and its backing.  Discussions are carried on using the
<A HREF="mailto:stix-l@elsevier.nl">mailing list</A> provided by

<H3>Newest files</H3>
The ISO 10646 WG2 <A HREF="http:glyphs/proposal/">submission</A> consists
of some 70 or so files plus PDF equivalents.
The <A HREF="http:private/stixprv-index.html">index to the private
zone codes</A> shows the sample glyphs with the temporary numbers
presently assigned.  These are in now way to be considered suggested
Unicode numbers.  But they really help clarity of discussion.
The latest <A HREF="bnb/stix-tbl.asc26MR98">table file</A> prepared by
Barbara.  There are still fixes to be made as well as a few items to add.
The table is a very large ASCII flat file.  The structure is
that of a very wide table.
<TH ALIGN="right">start</TH>
<TH ALIGN="right">end</TH>
<TH ALIGN="center">name</TH>
<TH ALIGN="left">description</TH>
<TD ALIGN="right">1</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">1</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">flag</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">marks questionable itmes of various types</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">2</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">5</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">uniq</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">Unicode point in hex</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">6</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">9</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">xref</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">cross-reference code</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">11</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">14</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">AFII</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">AFII code in hex</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">16</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">16</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">C</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">character class code</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">18</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">27</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">entity</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">entity name suggested</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">29</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">36</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">set</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">ISO entity set</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">38</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">41</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">els</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">Elsevier handle</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">43</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">65</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">AMS/TeX name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">TeX or AMSTeX name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">67</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">81</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">APS</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">American Physical Society name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">83</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">91</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">AIP</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">American Institute of Physics name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">93</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">101</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">ACS</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">American Chemical Society name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">103</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">121</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">IEEE</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">123</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">153</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">Wolfram</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">Mathematica name</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">155</TD>
<TD ALIGN="right">end</TD>
<TD ALIGN="center">description</TD>
<TD ALIGN="left">descriptive text</TD>
<HR SIZE="4">
<H1> Excised material </H1>
These pages are presently administered by <A
HREF="mailto:ion@math.ams.org">Patrick Ion</A> of the AMS, whom one
should contact with corrections and suggestions of a technical nature
concerning Web aspects.