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ttfdump and FreeType Project

Folks, here is a message I posted on the pdftex list this morning
about an important new collection of font software that you may or may
not be aware of.  If you are already on the pdftex list, just delete

I thought it may also be of interest to the tex-fonts and math-fonts
communities, so they too are the address list for this remailing.

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:31:24 -0600 (MDT)
To: pdftex@tug.org, ollie@ms1.hinet.net
Cc: beebe@math.utah.edu
Subject: Big patch file now available for ttfdump-0.5.5

Yesterday's discussions of ttfdump led me to fetch the distribution


and attempt to build it on all of our local systems.

As one or more participants of the pdftex list remarked, the
distribution definitely has some problems, and after some hard work, I
am pleased to offer fixes for all the problems that I found.

One-line GNU-style installation (./configure && make all check
install) has now been done on these systems:

	DEC Alpha		OSF/1 3.2
	DECstation 5000		ULTRIX 4.3
	HP 9000/735		HP-UX 10.01
	Intel Pentium		Linux 2.0.30		
	IBM PowerPC		AIX 4.1
	IBM PowerPC		AIX 4.2
	NeXT Turbostation	Mach 3.3
	SGI Indigo/2		IRIX 5.3
	SGI O2 R10000-SC	IRIX 6.3
	SGI Origin 200		IRIX 6.4
	Sun SPARC		Solaris 2.5
	Sun SPARC		SunOS 4.1.3

You can find the patches via an entry in my fonts Web page:


I recommend fetching the uuencoded version, rather than the plain text
version, since many browsers will corrupt the latter, making it
useless for input to "patch -p0".

If you don't have patch installed on your UNIX system, you should: get
it from


and use the GNU incantation above to install it.

Please READ THE DOCUMENTATION at the start of the patch file before
you run patch!  There is important information there about another
step that YOU must do to provide a suitable test font before you can
successfully complete the build.  You do NOT have to remove that
documentation before feeding the file to patch.

If someone can provide me with a truly public-domain .ttf file, or
preferably, a suite of them, then I will incorporate it/them into the
test suite, and prepare a new patch distribution that does not require
that one manual step.

The author of ttfdump is on the list of addresses of this message; to
him, I send my BIG THANKS for this important utility, ttdump, and my
best wishes.

If he has time, perhaps he will be able to prepare a new release that
incorporates these patches.

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- University of Utah                  Internet e-mail: beebe@math.utah.edu  -
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