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Re: Squiggly Arrows

>   I just noted there is not left pointing version of the \leadsto
> arrow in the latexsym package. Should this not be completed?

>   -- So I must use the AMS Fonts \rightsquigarrow, but this is not
> the looks I want.

I think there never was one in the lasy font, and we cannot change 
it now after so many years.  In the new math font encodings, the 
arrow construction kit (in MS2) should allow building all sorts of 
left, right, double, long, negated, gapped, whatever squilly arrows.

So far, we have also kept the right-point squiggly arrow from LASY 
in MSP for latexsym-compatibility, but this is causing trouble for
the non-CM versions.  I therefore wouldn't be too much opposed to 
dropping it completely from MSP, should the addition of further glyphs
from the STIX collection eventually lead to a further reshuffling 
of the encoding tables.

Cheers, Ulrik.