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Springer-Verlag's comments on STIX

Here are the comments from Springer-Verlag on STIX. It took me some time to 
recherche all the information. I hope the comments are helpfull to the STIX


J"org Knappen
Electronic Technologies
Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
Tiergartenstrasse 17
D-69121 Heidelberg

The following characters have special Springer-Verlag TeX names. The names 
predate probably the AMS font distributions. The names and Unicode 
values are taken from stix-tbl.asc26MR98. 

Springer	AMS			STIX		Unicode
\grole		\gtrless		gl		2277
\leogr		\lessgtr		lg		2276
\ga		\gtrsim			gsim		2273
\la		\lesssim		lsim		2272
\cor					wedgeq		2259
\gid		\geqq			gE		2267
\lid		\leqq			lE		2266
\sog					simg		E30C
\sol					siml		E30B
\gse					gsime		E334
\lse					lsime		E333
\goa		\gtrapprox		gap		E2F4
\loa		\lessapprox		lap		E2F8

\getsto		\leftrightarrows	larr		21C6

\sun							2609
\degree					deg		00B0
\diameter						2300
\sq		\square			square		25A1

\fd					dotday		EA2C
\fh					dothour		EA2D
\fm					dotmin		EA2E
\fs					dotsec		EA30
\fp					dotper		EA2F
\arcmin					prime		2032
\farcmin				arcmin		EA04
\arcsec					Prime		2033
\farcsec				arcsec		EA06

\bbbc					Copf		2102
\bbbf					Fopf		E505
\bbbh					Hopf		2100
\bbbk					Kopf		E50A
\bbbm					Mopf		E50C
\bbbn					Nopf		2115
\bbbp					Popf		2119
\bbbr					Ropf		211D
\bbbt					Topf		E513
\bbbs					Sopf		E512
\bbbz					Zopf		2124
\bbbone		\bbone			opf1		E803

The following ones used as SGML entities:

&dotb;							0323	C. dot below
&umlb;							0324	C. umlaut below
&breveb;						032E	C. breve below
&lineb;							0331	C. macron below

&envelop;						2709    Envelope

More characters, needed by Springer-Verlag

a) Mathematical and scientific symbols:

Name		Type	Description
\dsold		B	Dot-Slash-Dot, \textdiscount of LaTeX2e package textcomp
\windschief	B	Straight rising line crossing falling broken line
                        Meaning: skew (of two lines), see e. g. 
                        Dubbel, Taschenbuch fuer den Maschinenbau, 19th 
                        printing, page A-27.
\Slashint	L	Integral with two slashes (Hermite-Integral)
\boxbar		B	Vertical Bar in Box (in TeX's stmaryrd font)
\boxbox		B	Box in Box (in TeX's stmaryrd font)
\oddot		-	Two dots in circle, botanical: bi-annual

b) Geometric shapes

The geometric shapes have no special names (yet).

We distinguish different fill patterns, 

-- dense (usually shown as five lines in a square), this is the one used in 
the UNicode standard

-- sparse (usually shown as three lines in a square)

-- bold (black and white lines are of the same width, usually three 
white and two black lines)

In addition to the shapes already in UNicode, we also use the following 

Group 1: Squares

Square with sparse upper right to lower left fill
Square with sparse upper left to lower right fill
Square with sparse diagonal crosshatch
Square with bold horizontal fill
Square with bold vertical fill

Square with light gray shading
Square with medium gray shading
Square with dark grey shading

Group 2: Rightangles

Rightangle with upper right to lower left fill
Rightangle with upper left to lower right fill
Rightangle with sparse upper right to lower left fill
Rightangle with sparse upper left to lower right fill
Rightangle with bold upper right to lower left fill
Rightangle with bold upper left to lower right fill
Rightangle with horizontal fill
Rightangle with sparse horizontal fill

Rightangle with light grey shading
Rightangle with medium grey shading
Rightangle with dark grey shading

Group 3: Circles

Circle with horizontal fill
Circle with vertical fill
Circle with diagonal crosshatch

Group 4: Symbols on a horizontal line

Those symbols are placed on a horizontal line such that this line is 
partially covered by the symbol, e. g. diamond on a horizontal line 
looks like the following ASCII graphic: -<>-

Black up-pointing triangle on a horzontal line
Black down-pointing triangle on a horzontal line
Black square on a horizontal line
Square on a horizontal line
Black circle on a horizontal line
Circle on a horizontal line
Black diamond on a horizontal line
Diamond on a horizontal line
Hourglass on a horizontal line
Times on a horizontal line

Some comments:

1) On Alphabetics -- Fraktur

It is not clear wheather &sfr; is a short s or a long s. I propose the 
following solution (the sharp s is in there only for completeness, the 
long s can occur in old style math indentifiers):

sfr	Fraktur short s
longsfr	Fraktur long s
szligfr	Fraktur sharp s

2) On ``not partial differential'' (npart, E390, Table 27)

Can someone give more information on this symbol? It looks like a 
mistake to me. It does indeed occur quite frequently with the meaning
``partial with Dirac slash'', but than a whole latin alphabet A-Za-z
with Dirac slash is needed as well as a small greek epsilon with Dirac 
slash. On the other hand, my feeling is that Dirac slash is treated as a 
diacritical mark within UNicode.

3) On Astronomical symbols

Shall the symbols for the four major asteroids be added?

4) On Zapf Dingbats

The UNicode standard covers the Zapf Dingbats completely. However, there 
is a strange anomaly: All arrows and arrow-like symbols are 
right-pointing only. This is fine for a postscript font, since 
postscript can rotate and reflect characters. Other technologies (like 
SGML, HTML etc.) cannot. Therefore all mirror images should be added to 
UNicode. A named entity set for the Zapf Dingbats (tentative name: 
ISOZAPFD) is also nice to have.

--J"org Knappen