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Stix/Unicode/MathML/mathfont glyph tables

Hello everybody,

It has taken me quite some time after euroTeX to get back on the font 
issues. One of the downsides of my job description is that I am 
sometimes completely occupied with completely other problems for a 
couple of months. But I am back on track now. 

After visiting the STIX site and reviewing that MathML entities and 
mathfont Tables, I am getting just a little confused. The current 
task for me is to identify the total list of math-related glyphs that 
are needed (whether available in current fonts or not), and to create 
an index of glyphs that are both needed and *not* in any currently 
available font.

The problem is in the first section. There are just to many tables 
and I am quite uncertain which ones I need to merge to get the 
desired overall table. The 35 Stix submission tables obviously do not 
contain all glyphs (I assume the ones that are left out are the ones 
that are already in Unicode). 

I really need an editable table of all chars so as to generate an 
overall index (so that I can later insert font/glyph codes). This 
means I need to sort out all these existing tables, and that leads 
to some questions:

- Is ISO 9573-13 a full subset of STIX (guess so)?

- What about the things in 8859's Annex that are not in 9573-13?

- Am I correct in my assumption that MMEXTRA no longer exists
  (or only defines non-marking entities)?

- Do the Unicode Reference Blocks (from the STIX site) contain *all* 
  math-related glyphs from current Unicode?

- How to read those blocks? What are the squares, and why are some   
  of the squares empty?

- If I merge the Reference Blocks with the STIX private blocks, does 
  that give me *all* glyphs?

- Are the private indices from MathML the same as for STIX?

- I'm not sure, but I seem to remember from a previous investigation 
  that there were glyphs in mathfont that do not appear in the STIX 

- Finally: I'd be very, very pleased if somebody would send me a zip 
  file of the HTML+gif tables from STIX and MathML. I can only fetch 
  them from the WWW the hard way using a regular browser, and "save 
  image as" for a couple thousand images does not sound funny at all.

Greetings,  Taco

PS. I hope this message reaches everybody I need: that all 
"interested" and/or "interesting" people are on this list. 
Taco Hoekwater                                        texhelp@wkap.nl
Kluwer Academic Publishers                            -- Pre Press --
Achterom 119, 3311 KB Dordrecht, The Netherlands  tel.  31-78-6392550