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Re: Math Arrows and Harpoons

>>>>> "HA" == Hans Aberg <haberg@matematik.su.se> writes:

 HA> At 00:56 +0100 1998/11/11, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
 >> If you know something about math arrows & harpoons or if you just
 >> want to play around with a new font, have a look at:
 >> http://www.cybercomm.nl/~bittext/fonts/arrows.html

 HA> I could not read the PDF file from Acrobat Reader.

I'll post an update of both the PDF file and the font itself later
tonight. The PDF file that is there now requires Reader > 3.0.

 HA> In general, all symmetry cases for binary relations and arrows
 HA> and such should be added, becuase at some point one may need it
 HA> in mathematics: It proves to be difficiult to find such symbols
 HA> which are good and readable, so these symbols will surely show up
 HA> in new contexts.

I would prefer something a little bit more specific. There are so many
possible symmetry cases that we might end up with a full font that
contains only harpoons... 

Lots of the "missing cases" are already in the STIX tables for
precisely this reason, but there is just not enough room to capture
all possible cases.

 HA>   For example, I wanetd to use the LaTeX \leadsto to mean
 HA> "evaluates to", but then I could not have a version pointing to
 HA> the left, as I think might be needed.

This one, for example, is already available (121). But there is no
negated version of the left-pointing version while there is a negated
version of the "leadsto" (123).

Please have a look at the PDF file tomorrow (I'll post one that works
with Reader 2.1).

Greetings, Taco