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Re: Math Arrows and Harpoons

At 05:51 PM 98/11/12 , Barbara Beeton wrote:

>do i understand correctly that 221 is the maximum size of a type 1
>font that's to be used in applications other than tex?  there are a
>few additional items that might be considered here, but if this is
>already at maximum, some negotiation might be necessary.

Well, you can have an encoding vector with glyphs in all 256 slots.
Some software may have problems with some of those, so it is
best if possible to avoid 0, 9, 10, 13 and 32.  (Actually a Type 1 
font can have many more.  Lucida Sans Unicode in Type 1 format
has 1734 glyphs.  You just can't use them at once using a single
encoding.  For testing purposes we made up a font with 65537
glyphs, which  works in Windows NT, although it crashes some

But this may be a moot point since some font software won't let you
use 0 - 31 and some TrueType rasterizers don't implement the spec
fully as well (and presumably one would want to allow for the possibility
that at some point TrueType versions of some fonts may exist).

And yes, a lot of non-TeX software doesn't believe that 0 - 31 are 
numbers, nor is 127.