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Re: Math Arrows and Harpoons

(Hans if you are on math-font I'll kill that CC so we don't all get
multiple copies: speaking of which sorry that posters get a bounce from
an ancient past address of mine. I've asked Alan to remove it from the

> rightheaddoublestemleftvertical

That is long but you could have a consistent four part naming scheme

direction (left, right, or perhaps N, S, NE, ...) 
`back end' (relative to direction) (eg double , or harpoon, or ...)
`front end'                 ditto
`stem'       straight double wavy

The names of each part can be reasonably short like `r' rather than
`right' for right.

This would correspond well with the notions of arrows in say xypic or
the `arrow kit' developed by people on this list.

>  please bear in mind the precedence of my sources:
> - the texbook
> ...other tex-ish sources....

TeX is a fine typesetter but its choice of command names is an abysmal
precedent. In general, and especially on this subject of math symbol

There will of course need to be a tex setup giving tex users some more
or less familiar naming interface to these characters, but surely if
there is ever a time to try to give a consistent naming scheme, at least
to the systematic characters like arrows, then now is that time.