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Re: Math Arrows and Harpoons

> There are other projects under way, MathML and OpenMath, which can
> do more.

I seem to be on both those:-) But unless some fonts with math symbols
get widely distributed, then MathML will always have problems getting
itself rendered. Hence the importance of this STIX submission for
MathML (and to a lesser extent, OpenMath).

>  The best way is perhaps to provide a font with each arrow head in only
>  one direction, and so forth for tail and shafts and shaft ornaments, and
>  then using a language like PostScript which knows how to rotate them.

This could be done already in unicode. The rotated glyphs could be stuck
up in another plane where there is more space, and an arrow could be
placed next to a combing character to indicate the rotation couldn't it?

This would mean though that to get the arrows the application would have
to understand the unicode combining character mechanisms, rather than
`just' being able to cope with 16 bit fonts.