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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

Taco Hoekwater <taco.hoekwater@wkap.nl> writes:

> Seriously, there are 15 families I can use, so that should be enough. 
> And the current layout is not at all final. We might move about half
> of the characters out to "special purpose" fonts (as we have now in
> TeX, where the wasy2 and stmaryrd fonts fill this role).

For a TeX system where printing and previewing have virtual font
support---i.e., all web2c/dvips based systems, and some others---the
main thing practically speaking is to have as comprehensive a set of
symbols as possible in .pfb form. Then it is relatively easy to do
some virtual font setup to project a useful subset of the symbols into
the 16 x 256 math symbol plane of TeX. Authors in different fields
will want different symbol sets (mathematics, physics, chemistry) and
it is not necessary to achieve this by trying to fit them all into a
single 16 x 256 encoding. (In mathematical logic, each author may
need a custom math encoding for their individual use ...)

In principle it would be possible for each document to have a custom
math encoding provided that the necessary vpl files accompany it, and
that there are widely available standard pfb/tfm files to which the
vpl files can refer.

Michael Downes