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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

>>>>> "HA" == Hans Aberg <haberg@matematik.su.se> writes:
 MI> 4.      What are you going to do when you run out of math families (16!)?
 >> Panic!
 >> Seriously, there are 15 families I can use, so that should be enough.
 >> And the current layout is not at all final. We might move about half
 >> of the characters out to "special purpose" fonts (as we have now in
 >> TeX, where the wasy2 and stmaryrd fonts fill this role).

 HA> I think that the blackboard bold characters should be added to Unicode, for
 HA> the reason that they are used in mathematics as symbols with semantic
 HA> meaning, and not as a special style font. For example, it is pretty much
 HA> standard to use blackboard bold R, Z denoting the sets of reals and
 HA> integers, and it is becoming to be more common to use say blackboard bold
 HA> small letters to denote certain fixed objects (such as blackboard bold i,
 HA> j, k to denote the imaginary units in quaternions).

They are all included in the submission tables. But they are separate
from the geometrical symbols (at least in the source) in the sense
that they are very much tied in with the text font. Using CM
Blackboard next to Times is ugly.

The included alphabets in the submission are "BlackBoard", "Script"
and "Fraktur", btw. I will probably design (or steal/borrow) a
"Calligraphic" as well. They are the very last thing on my list,
because there are no problems with the meanings (A blackboard R is a
blackboard R), so most of the time will be spent in the real design
(which will be rather tricky), instead of on discussions. We need the
discussions for almost anything else, so it was safer to do those
first (more time == more discussion == less chances of mistakes).