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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

At 12:51 1998-11-17 +0100, Hans Aberg wrote:

>On the Greek style fonts used in math, I figure they should come in four
>different variations: Upright/italics and non-bold/bold.

As they do in LucidaNewMath

>The thing is that an empirical "standard" or general principle for
>typesetting pure math seems to be this:

It seems though that upright lower case Greek is not used much in math.
It is used by Physicists when talking about things like alpha particles and
pi mesons.  So an upright Greek *text* font is needed (as in MathTime Plus).

>So therefore, if one should be able to express this semantical difference,
>the math Greek symbols should also be available in upright shape.

e.g. LucidaNewMath-Roman.

Regards, Berthold.