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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

At 11:10 +0000 1998/11/18, Joerg Knappen wrote:
>IMHO the rule for upright setting is, that (beside some other entities)
>_numbers_ are typeset upright. Note that it is not _constants_, since any
>ad hoc constants (typically denoted by $c$ or $k$) are typeset in math

For these ad hoc constants the rule says that they should be typeset in
italics, because even though they may be constants in the mathematical
sense that they do not depend on a certain variables, the names are not
universally accepted, but merely temporary.

So one needs to keep a part the concepts "a name considered constant" and
"a mathematical constant".

>e, i, j, k, pi (my preferred macros: \ee, \ie, \je, \ka, \pie)
>are numbers, not just constants.

These are normally typeset in italics, but I think that they could be
typeset upright: I have tried typesetting $i$ upright, and that looks OK.

  Hans Aberg
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